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The BC RAHA program (Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations) is a helping hand for seniors and individuals with permanent health conditions. It offers rebates of up to $20,000 to eligible low- and moderate- income households for home adaptations. If you’re a resident of BC with limited income and assets, and either you or someone in your household has a permanent disability or loss of ability, you may qualify. The program focuses on making your home more accessible and promoting continued safe and independent living.

accessible home adaptation rebate

Our role as occupational therapists when it comes to BC RAHA is straightforward—making sure those adaptations align with your needs. Each adaptation is tailored to address specific challenges. 

Key Accessibility Modifications:

accessible home adaptation rebates
1. Outdoor Access:

Widening walkways

Adding slip-resistant surfaces

Installing exterior ramps or elevating devices

2. Indoor Maneuverability:

Adjusting door frames and window frames for accessibility

Installing handrails

Adding reflective strips to stairs for improved safety

3. Utilities Adjustments:

Relocating controls, switches, or outlets for accessibility

Installing multiple cue alarm systems

4. Kitchen Adaptations:

Modifying kitchen layout for improved accessibility

Adjusting countertop or cabinet height/location

Adapting sink area and cabinet hardware

5. Bathroom Modifications:

Adapting bathroom layout for safety and accessibility

Installing grab bars

Modifying bathing area with wheel-in or low-barrier showers, bath/shower seats, and handheld showerheads

Adapting sink area and installing raised toilets or bidets

6. General Room Enhancements:

Installing grab bars and vertical poles

Adding permanently fixed devices like lifting devices

Ensuring accessible closet doors

Installing accessible laundry tubs and incorporating lever-type faucets

accessible home adaptation rebate

If you’re considering these modifications, our occupational therapists are here to guide you through the process to create a living space that aligns with your needs. When you reach out, we prioritize timely assessments, often within a few days. We cover Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island. With a history with this program since it began, we bring an experienced approach to home accessibility.

accessible home adaptation rebate

Please review the BC RAHA program website for full information regarding eligibility and relevant forms for application:

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