Lifecare Planning

lifecare planning

Cost of Future Care Reports

A comprehensive assessment to quantify the future needs of the client. This includes review of documentation, review of the client’s home and local environment, assessment of physical disability and limitations, needs assessment, and costs associated with maintaining the clients’ health and / or maximizing independence and safety. A medical legal report will be prepared which details the Life Care Plan. Our therapists are BC Supreme Court Recognized Experts in Life Care Planning.

Wellness Roadmap

Plan for Tomorrow’s Needs. Tailored Life Care Solutions.

Feel Special

Tailored Life Care Solutions

Our Lifecare Planning service offers a customized and detailed assessment, quantifying the future needs of the client. Our expert team evaluates all aspects, from reviewing documentation and assessing physical limitations to identifying necessary care and associated costs. We provide comprehensive Life Care Plans, detailing the client's specific requirements, ensuring their health, independence, and safety are prioritized.

Future Needs Assessment

Our Lifecare Planning goes beyond immediate concerns, addressing long-term requirements and creating a roadmap for the client's future well-being.

Maximized Independence

By assessing and planning for a client's future needs, we empower them to maintain their independence and quality of life.

Expert Legal Support

Our therapists are recognized as BC Supreme Court Experts, providing confidence and credibility in the legal aspects of Lifecare Planning.

Partner Time

lifecare planning

More Family Time

Lifecare Planning doesn’t just enhance the quality of life; it also provides the precious gift of time. With improved care, individuals can spend more valuable moments with their loved ones. Whether it’s participating in family gatherings, enjoying hobbies, or simply sharing quality time, Lifecare Planning contributes to a fuller and more fulfilling family life.

Time with Grandkids

lifecare planning

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Collaborating for Your Well-being

We understand the importance of collaboration and coordinated care. We value the partnerships we build with healthcare professionals, case managers, and individuals referring our services.

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