COVID-19 UPDATE:  We are open!  Our Kinesiologists and Occupational Therapists continue to provide service to our clients via Telehealth as well as In Person sessions during this time.  Our Telehealth system allows for safe, secure, and confidential sessions with our clients through phone and one to one video sessions.  Our utmost concern is the care and safety of our clients, therapists, staff, and communities during COVID.  We have taken extra sanitization steps and precautions while delivering our services in clients' homes and community settings.

What is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement, exercise, and the relationships between physical activity and health. A Registered Kinesiologist applies the principles of physiology, biomechanics, anatomy, psychology, and sociology to improve performance and function.

Kinesiology Services we provide…

  • Individualized Exercise Therapy Programs for rehabilitation of soft tissue and orthopaedic injuries
  • Rehabilitative exercise programs for Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Hydrotherapy Programs
  • Work Hardening / Return to Work Programs
  • Rehabilitative assistance and community activation programs for clients with traumatic brain injuries
  • Worksite Assessments
  • Job Demands Analysis
  • Personal Training and lifestyle consulting
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Return to Work Planning and Monitoring (Including JDA and Jobsite Visits)

**Services provided in the client's home or community

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