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Symmetry Injury Rehabilitation Ltd. provides occupational therapy and kinesiology services to clients of all ages and abilities in Surrey, BC. Find out how our therapists can help you or simply call us at 604-751-0280.


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Conditions and situations that benefit from occupational therapy and kinesiology

Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Injuries – Soft tissue and orthopaedic injuries include sprained muscles, torn ligaments, bone fractures, or dislocations, that happen suddenly, as well as issues like carpal tunnel syndrome that are caused by repetitive movement. Conditions like bursitis also fall into this category. There are a number of therapies that can help to ease pain, speed healing, and recover function.

Stroke – Stroke is the blockage of blood flow or bleeding within the brain that results in cell damage. Depending on the location and number of cells affected, the impact on function can vary greatly. Therapy after a stroke focuses on regaining function or finding alternative ways to perform tasks.

Heart Attack – A heart attack occurs when the heart is deprived of blood and oxygen. A blockage formed by plaque deposits in one or more arteries of the heart is the common cause. Therapy focuses on recovery, as well as the prevention of future similar events.

Traumatic Brain Injury – Since the brain is the command center for the entire body, injury to the brain most often results in some form of impairment. Depending on the location and extent of the injury, deficits may occur in movement, speech, memory, or reasoning. The brain’s ability to form new neural networks allows some functions to return to normal, while others may require learning new ways to do things, or getting help from a care giver to perform certain tasks.

Back Pain – More than half of all Canadians have back pain at some time in their life. This may be caused by an injury, such as a fall, but is likely the result of less obvious factors. Poor posture, weak core strength, or shoes with insufficient arch support, can all cause back pain. It is important to investigate and identify the reason for the pain in order to find an appropriate solution.

Chronic Pain – Since there are a number of conditions and illnesses can result in wide-spread chronic pain, your physician is best suited to determining a diagnoses. Our Surrey occupational therapy and kinesiology services though, are the specialists that can help you create and implement a pain management program.

Use of a Wheelchair – If you using a wheelchair for the first time or getting a replacement, it is really important to get professional assistance to avoid any additional injuries. Our therapists will ensure that your wheelchair is the right size, that you are seated properly, and that you know how to use the chair safely.

Developing a Return to Work Plan – By working in concert with you, other members of your health care team, and your employer, our therapists will coordinate the development and implementation of a return-to-work program that is safe and appropriate.

How occupational therapy can help

The purpose of occupational therapy is to maximize your ability to perform activities of daily life. This includes self-care, work, and recreation. If performing these activities is hampered by injury, illness, genetic or acquired disability, occupational therapy aims to increase your capacity to perform tasks independently. This may include exercises, modifications in process, and the use of adaptive devices.

What to expect during occupational therapy

Your occupational therapist may want to visit you in your home, at your workplace, or in a leisure setting. The environment can be very important in developing a plan to increase your safety, recovery, and to learn new skills. If equipment is needed, you may be asked to come to our office for certain types of therapy.

You will be asked a series of specific questions about your current capabilities. Your therapist will want to know if you are able to get dressed, eat, and move about on your own; or what specific movements in these areas are difficult or impossible. They will ask about your occupation, what the specific demands of the job are, and which physical or cognitive tasks are now of concern.

Occupational therapy is also about what you like to do in your leisure time, and will assist you with recreational and social activities.

At your Surrey occupational therapy sessions you may be asked to complete a quiz or perform physical tasks to assist in assessing your condition. Some sessions may focus on techniques to alter the way in which a task is performed, the way external or sensory information is perceived, or the use of an adaptive device. If a mobility aid, such as crutches or a wheelchair, are recommended, your therapist will ensure that you have the right type of device, the right size of device, and that you know how to use the device safely and efficiently.

In addition to mobility aids, there are a huge number of other types of adaptive devices to make tasks easier. These include spoons that stay level even if you have trouble with gripping, tools to help you put on socks, aids for turning knobs and light switches, devices that help with sitting and standing, using the washroom, bathing, and many more.

How kinesiology can help

Kinesiology is the study of human movement, body systems and mechanics, and how these relate to health and well-being. Kinesiologists understand all of the intricate details of how the brain, skeletal system, and muscular system work, and are able to analyze the series of events that occur for any movement to take place.

Your kinesiologist’s job then, is to assess your current capabilities and state of health, and implement therapies to optimize the body’s performance of movement, from standing independently to running a marathon.

What to expect during kinesiology therapy

Your Surrey kinesiology specialist will ask many (many!) questions, particularly during your first visit. They want to understand why you have come to them, how your difficulties impact your life, and what your goals for therapy are. If you have multiple injuries or a complex chronic condition, therapy may be prioritized to deal with the most important issue first. Smaller, progressive goals may be set.

You may be asked to demonstrate certain physical abilities. Your kinesiologist may touch or hold your hands, arms, feet or joints while you perform different movements. They may take photographs or video to analyze how your body is aligned or how it moves. Other equipment may be used to test muscle strength or neural connectivity.

Your kinesiology therapy sessions may be held at different Surrey venues; perhaps your home, workplace, or regular gym. Therapy may include a wide range of techniques, from visualization to electrical stimulation of muscles.

To book an appointment or learn more about our Surrey occupational therapy and kinesiology services, please call us at 604-751-0280.


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About Us


Staff of physiotherapists, kinesiologists, and Occupational Therapists

Symmetry’s Registered Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, and Occupational Therapists possess a high level of knowledge about injury rehabilitation. We strive to maintain a professional approach while motivating our clients.

Each of our Registered Therapists possess the following:

  • Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy, Human Kinetics, Kinesiology, or Occupational Therapy
  • Registered with the BCAK, College of Physiotherapists of BC (CPTBC), or College of Occupational Therapists of BC (COTCB)
  • Minimum 2 years experience in community – based rehabilitation
  • Kinesiologists possess specialized training courses in Postural assessment, Core stabilization and Functional exercise prescription.
  • OT’s possess successful completion of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Certification exam.
  • Kinesiologists and Occupational Therapists possess Brain Tree training (specialized courses for working with Brain Injured Clients)
  • CPR & First Aid Certifications
  • Comprehensive 5 Million Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability Insurance 

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